We have a variety of technical expertise, backed up by positivity and a passion to make your event stand out from the crowd!

Event AV

AV solutions that are tailored completely to your needs.

Live Streaming

Reach people around the world by live streaming online. Public or private viewing.

Crew Hire

We can provide crew support for your event, all trained with health & safety and fully insured.

24/7 Support

If find you find yourself in need of immediate assistance, you can call our ‘Out of Hours’ number that will connect you directly to our on-call support technician.

This number is manned 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week.

We’re Realistic

There are some things that we are pretty sure we cannot do; such as making the sun shine on the day of your event.

However if you have a strong vision of what you want, then we have the capabilities to make it happen.

We will always be realistic when it comes to the production process and will always work with you if we feel your idea needs tweaking to have the maximum impact!

Safety First

You can rest assured that our on-site safety is absolutely impeccable. We understand how valuable all the crew, the audience, and yourself are to the success of the production.

We ensure our team are suitably trained for the job they are undertaking, know the potential risks and provide them with the correct Personal Protective Equipment.

In the extremely unlikely event of an incident – we are appropriately covered by insurances for loss, damage and injury.

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