We’ve completed our new OB Unit!

It’s been a little while in the making, about a year to be exact, but we’ve finished our conversion of the trailer into a functioning OB unit, complete with full networking and data patches as well us 8 fixed screens mounted on the walls.

This gives us huge flexibility when working on jobs, it means we can really focus on the quality of our content without being distracted by loud music or weather.

We also managed to build a structurally sound roof capable of carrying 2 camera operators, meaning we can easily provide an elevated camera position for no extra cost.

The unit comes with certain comforts as well, including Aircon/heating, a fridge, kettle & microwave/oven, meaning you’ll never get hungry on a job with us!

The unit is capable of comfortably seating 3-4 people meaning it can act us a hub of operations for any event. We’ve also designed a way to attach a mast to the side of the trailer, capable of extending to Xm in height it gives us a great position to attach wireless transmission and receiver systems, 4G hotspot antennas and even cameras, giving us a unparalleled view of the site to ensure safety and quality.

We’ve also installed multiple security systems meaning select kit can be left on site overnight without having to de-rig and re-rig, saving time and money.

The trailer itself weighs around 980kg, meaning most vehicles can transport it too and from events, and often doesn’t require the driver to have a XX license.

We’ve added the ability to be powered by X or X, giving you the flexibility to easily add this unit to existing on site power. We also have the capability to hire generators should you be somewhere without power.

Safety is our number one priority, that’s why we’ve added railings on the roof, an additional 4 floor jacks, and equipped the trailer with a first aid box and fire extinguisher.

We also pride ourselves on having redundancies, our trailer comes with 3 fail-safe boxes, containing anything from 13amp plugs, fuses, bolts, spare BNC connectors, soldering irons and much more. Meaning if you’re ever in an unfortunate situation, you’ll always have the tools on hand to remedy the situation.