Brand new high quality cable in stock!

Buying ourselves nice, shiny new cable looms has been high on our priority list for a while now, the more jobs we do the more we become aware of which cables we’re consistently running together, and what we can pre-loom to save ourselves valuable time when working. With that in mind each of our looms contain 2 runs of BNC cable (1 for normal use and 1 redundancy cable) and 1 CATX run, this is what we use for communication and powering smaller adaptors and devices.

We’ve bought a total of Xkm worth of cable, on X different looms, giving us a large amount of flexibility on site to place cameras wherever the situation requires. And if for whatever reason we can’t run cable somewhere, our 2 new wireless microwave links will definitely do the job.

Cable can often be an understated part of a live production, after all it’s something the audience will never have to see. But the difference between good and bad cable can mean using valuable time to re-run cables and diagnose issues, something that’s inconvenient and damage the end product.