It’s safe to say this year has been a time for change. Businesses are finding new and innovative ways to stay at the forefront of people’s minds and get creative with how to show off products, venues and performances to reach existing and new audiences. With adults spending a record 4 hours a day online on average, the coronavirus has changed the way we communicate and behave online. We’ve seen spaces such as theatres, local businesses and schools utilise new softwares to reach families and consumers, the biggest two solutions being live streams and 360 photographs. Whether it’s showing families and children around their new school from the comfort of their home or tuning in for some Friday night entertainment on the sofa with a local takeaway, it’s now more important than ever to maintain communication with your audience, clients, old and new, and community.

You might be wondering where the best place to start is. You first need to make sure what you’re sharing is relevant and plan accordingly. Are you thinking of creating a walkthrough video of a space? Would high quality photos be the best way to show off your product? Or perhaps you’re thinking of setting up a stage to allow your audience to view performances anywhere in the world.

One of our popular services this year has been 360 photographs. With a 360 photo your customer is in the driving seat, deciding what they want to look at and explore. You can open the doors again to your clients and allow them to shop, view and interact with ease. Much like our examples above from Titchfield Festival Theatre in Southampton.

As a business owner we’re sure you’re aware of how important it is to create content that works with a platforms algorithm. For Google, it’s ensuring your website is interactive and making sure visitors are spending time on your website. For instagram, Reels are becoming a popular tool to reach new audiences so consider how you can make use of this feature. Perhaps a guided tour or a talking to camera piece about your business.

The key is thinking outside the box about how your clients and audience can stay connected with you. If you’re interested in talking to us about 360 photos, live streams or any video based ideas you have, pop us a message and we can arrange a call to discuss the possibilities for your business.

We’re committed to helping businesses thrive and safety is of top priority to us so all services will be carefully planned to remain COVID secure.