We contacted Hanger Farm arts centre in July after seeing their charity live stream on Facebook. We wanted to offer them the opportunity to help elevate their stream in the hope of helping them raise more money for the arts centre.

We have been working with them every Friday since July, constantly evolving the streams to better connect the audience with the musicians and to provide a better viewing experience for everyone at home. Working closely with the lighting technicians, we have been able to use light creatively to create a bespoke style based on each performer.

We’ve been building our team of camera operators and minicams to allow for better coverage and using the best angles to suit the artists. Using close-ups for slow, intimate songs, and more movement for a faster beat, each event offers the audience a connected and well-produced performance to suit the evening.

Our bespoke comment interaction system allowed the audience to participate and send song requests which a member of our team could moderate, feed back to the presenter and display comments on the screen for the audience to keep up to date with.

We have many more events coming up with Hanger Farm in the coming months, with the grand finale in December set to be a great evening.

From talking with the musicians to help bring their visions to life to working with the owners to help make their campaign the best it can be, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be creative and innovative with our team and kit.

You can watch previous streams and set reminders for upcoming performances here

Here’s the full line up!

Calum Lintot

Mike Vaughan

Liam White

Ben Dlugokecki


Sam Cutis

Davey Jones Locker

Ben Townsend

Mary Jane Folk Band


Caroline’s Capuchin

Kristina Green & the Bees

Up All Night

The Anthems

Jax (Jazz sesh)


Liam White

Chic to Chic